Looking out from Picton Harbour Park Marina our first night in Canada.

We had returned to the boat from our road trip and a quick trip south at 2 AM Saturday (July 18) morning. We got to bed at 3, so we spent what was left of Saturday with a bit of shopping to top off supplies. No telling what will be available in Canada, and the Trent Severn canal does not hit any larger towns except for Trenton and Peterborough, and they’re not too big anyway. Are there Walmart’s and Aldi’s (our usual markets) in Canada? We don’t know, so we’re not taking any chances.

Sunday morning we ran 50 miles across Lake Ontario in 5 hours and then spent another hour in a channel leading toward Trenton ON where the canal starts. We stopped in at Picton Harbour Park Marina. Picton ON is a very small town, like nearly all other towns around this area. We did not get into town, but just spent the night.

Ten miles up the waterway with no bridges so far. This small ferry is the only one we saw.

The girl at the marina told me how to register with the authorities. I just called them on the phone and answered a few questions about guns, alcohol and what kind of meat we had on board and where we bought it. The they gave me a number to write down and that was that. We could have had a weapons cache or a few terrorists down below and would have gotten in no problem. I suppose terrorists normally don’t sneak from the US to Canada. We’ll see what happens when we come back into the US.

Tomorrow morning we will continue along this winding channel, turn in at Trenton ON, enter the canal and see how far we can get by 2 or 3 PM.


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