Road Trip


We’ve had a month with Keith and Gayle on board. We’ve seen a lot and had a great time.

We, along with Keith and Gayle, took a week to tour non NYC New York. Other than the NYC area, New York has five cities about the size of Spokane WA. Everything else is smaller. Since New York was our most populated state until California overtook it a few decades back that was a surprise. We managed to visit Albany, Syracuse and Rochester.

Our high point was Letchworth state park which boasts three waterfalls and the deepest canyon on the eastern US. We saw the upper and middle falls and ate lunch in the small but very classy (tablecloths!) restaurant there. It has been voted the best state park in the US by some organization for several years running and has a sign up to prove it. Certainly the best state park we’ve ever seen. If you’re ever anywhere near it don’t miss it.


Letchworth middle falls. Just noticed I selected all Letchworth photos for this post. It was a great place.

We also went over to Niagra Falls, Canada and took the famous boat ride. The boat ride past the American falls was nice, and into the Canadian falls was very impressive. There was a lot of water in the falls for this time of year and being at the bottom of a huge waterfall stretching 180 degrees around us was something we have not done before.


Whenever we eat with a real table cloth I have to include it. The food was great as well.

Keith and Gayle left us to see Montreal and then return to Australia. We will leave Sunday morning for Canada, the Trent-Severn canal, Georgian Bay and North Channel. After that we will return to the US at Mackinac Island. Then it’s down the length of Lake Michigan and into the rivers at Chicago.


Letchworth Park upper falls and rail bridge. Still used. A train crossed 5 minutes after this picture.

Altogether that should take about a month and a half.


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