To Cricket Cove

Beautiful homes in beautiful settings. The ICW gets better in the northern part of South Carolina.

This morning it was off to Cricket Cove Marina at mile marker 345, just north of the dreaded rock pile. We got here at 2:15. Yesterday we were with the current most of the day. Today we were usually against it, so our actual speed (SOG: Speed Over Ground) was around 8 ½ mph. As we neared our marina it changed so we were with the current. Fortunately when current is present most marina dockage is along it, either with or against. When the current comes from the side it gets a lot harder to do almost anything. Today I just had to use some reverse thrust periodically, or a bit extra throttle on whichever engine was in reverse as we maneuvered. I still appreciate the engine controls working. They should hang together until we get to Washington at mile 150 + 30 off the channel. Then Greg will make sure all is OK.

Northern half of SC ICW has tree linked banks. Many nesting birds along the way.

This was one of our better travel days. The ICW in Florida is towns, cities and people and boats out having fun. Georgia is more marshes and flatland. A lot of wide open space. Now we’re seeing forests and taller trees. Many of the homes are in beautiful treed settings. The boat traffic dropped to almost nothing when we got to Georgia and remains that way in South Carolina. Today we passed one slower boat in the same direction and one local small cruiser passed us. Somedays we have seen only one other migrating boat, sail or power, in motion. I think we may be a little earlier than the main northward migration.

The Socastee bridge is one of two where we needed an opening. Both opened right away.

Traveling almost everyday is an unusually fast way to do things on a boat and will not be how we do the rest of the loop. Even so, the afternoons and evenings have given us enough time in our one night stops to relax and enjoy things. The travel part itself is more relaxing than last year, when we were still trying to learn how not to wreck the boat when docking and otherwise wondering when we would run aground. Even the weather is better. Last year coming up (in August) was hot most of the time. Now it is cool but comfortable most mornings, just right much of the day and going to change into light clothing for the last two hours.

We’re not near the town here, so will just catch up on this and that, including this blog.


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