It’s So Cute!!

Approaching our Georgetown marina. We picked the marina closest to the old town.

I thought we had been to Georgetown before but we haven’t. The name sounds familiar, I guess. We just have one night here after Charleston. We started before 7:00 and landed at 2:00.

It’s just a block from the marina to where the old downtown starts so we tidied up and went out. The main street is just up from the river with old buildings on both sides. Those that back up to the river now open onto a new river boardwalk as well as onto the main street.

Sue in downtown Georgetown. Definitely worth seeing.

Sue was floored by the cuteness of downtown and kept commenting on it. It is genuine. The buildings really are old, but fixed up well. Some of the shops actually contained interesting stuff too, a double win. There is even a free maritime museum. Georgetown is on a major ocean inlet and is a historic port. It still is a port for large ships: just turn left instead of right as you approach our marina and instead you’re in a large ship basin with freighters docked at its end.


We just had to shop. Fortunately living on a boat limits that. If she finds a shirt I would look great in (according to her) I just ask what she will throw out to make room for it in my closet. She did get me a hat. There was a place for it on top of the other hats.

We found a suitably elegant Italian restaurant (it had tablecloths) for dinner to finish up our outing. Georgetown is definitely on our list when we come up the ICW next year.


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