Heart Awareness

We are at Washington City marina in NC getting our inverter fixed. On my way back to the boat this morning I noticed a group of ladies all in red. They were representing the local hospital’s heart awareness program and were having their picture taken at the waterfront. The photographer is walking to the right where he is shooting. Can you tell what they picked for their backdrop? We may not be much in Charleston, but in Washington…

We are parked right downtown. Main street is one block up from the waterfront. All the stores are old and contain many interesting shops. Times are tough here with the new Walmart and the sort of chain shopping and restaurants that go with it just 2 miles away. Many of the locals are hopeful, however. Our marina is new this year and the water front area was redone along with it. The place isn’t buzzing yet but the signs are hopeful with a number of new and interesting businesses starting just a block away.

Many of the pre 1900 buildings here were well built and look great. They can be had for less than a tenth of what they would fetch in another just average town. I do get a good feeling here. It may be that 5 years from now people will talk about smart some were to invest in this downtown area back when things could be picked up for next to nothing.


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