Quick Stop in Annapolis

Saturday evening downtown Annapolis is behind and on both sides of us.

We wanted to stop by Annapolis, so we left Baltimore, took the short trip here and stayed 3 nights. We are leaving tomorrow morning (Sunday 23 September) early. It was good we got in just after noon on Thursday to find plenty of space on the wall. We dock in the center of downtown here and Friday and Saturday have been wall to wall people.

Looking up Main Street. Lots of people, cars and boats all around.

The wall filled mostly up on Thursday and was full on Friday. Saturday was a zoo with boats continually coming in, even after dark, finding no place, turning around in barely enough space and going back out. One time six boats came in in a string with three of them bigger than us.  They had to get pretty close, but no one hit us.


Star Gazer is below the dome. We thought flooding on Thursday & Friday was from the big storm, but it’s just some local issue.

There are so many great places to eat. We went to the officer’s club, Chick & Ruth’s deli and Middleton Tavern. Mission BBQ across the street from the boat has the best baked beans ever and Sofi’s Crepes are great for breakfast. We’re really hitting cities this time. We next want to stop in downtown Norfolk but have to get to the south end of the bay for that. We hope to do that with just one stop along the way.


Midshipmen (midshippeople?) on an academy residential street.


We ate Saturday lunch upstairs in the back at Chick & Ruth’s deli.


One thought on “Quick Stop in Annapolis

  1. Sheri Mar Carlberg says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Whenever I hear these names of towns ‘out East’, I never really think of how dynamic and locally pleasant they are. Have fun!


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