Wretched Excess


Opening time at the gate. Breakers can get more crowded later. Only Breakers is pictured in this post.

We sure enjoy seeing it. This week we see the palaces of the US, the mansions built in the “gilded age” by the .001% in Newport RI. The weather here made it just the place for the rich and famous, but mainly rich, to spend their summers. Some of their “cottages” now belong to local historical societies and are open for tours.


Four stories and a basement. Third & fourth floors for servants. Fourth has the small windows under the eaves.


Can’t get much of the great hall into one picture.

We saw Rosecliff and the Elms yesterday, and Breakers and Kingscote today (Tuesday). Tomorrow is Marble Hall, Chepstow, and if time permits Hunter House. Marble Hall tomorrow promises to be spectacular and Biltmore, which we saw a few years back, was impressive, but we’re not sure either can compete with Breakers for over the top ornateness. It is more like a palace than any European palace we have visited.


The dining room. I think this is the grandest single room we have ever seen in any building.

We planned to come here a week earlier, but the visitor center advised us to wait until after a folk music festival the weekend of the 28thfollowed by a jazz festival the weekend of the 4th. When planning I did wonder how exclusive Newport was with all the lower priced hotels being over $400. After the 5ththey were under half that. Since we were ready to leave on our road trip on the 29thwe first diverted to Boston and had a great time there.


The music room.


The library. Still huge, but as cozy as it gets on the 1st floor.

I noticed that we could come here from NYC in 2 to 3 days by boat in protected waters between Connecticut and Long Island, but we decided to drive. Star Gazer stays at Rondout Marini in Kingston NY. Sue is starting to miss the boat so Thursday 9th we’ll return to Kingston via a non interstate route.


The kitchen is through the door right of center and down a hall. This is the only two story pantry we’ve ever seen.


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