If and island in these lakes is big enough for a house or two, it has a house or two, sometimes hidden in the trees.


Hand operated bridge at our only lock of the day. He started it and the wind helped blow it open.

(All pictures here are after we left Portland). It’s less than 20 miles from Smiths Falls to Portland through only 2 locks, so we could start out after 2 PM when Nancy left and still easily make it through the locks before their 5 PM closing time and arrive in Portland by 5:30. The weather was sunny when we left and turned overcast but not so cold as we traveled. There is nothing much to see in Portland except the nice harbor, but we spent two nights because it rained most of the time the following day.


Approaching Westport. We docked behind a low island stretching across the center of this picture.


Looking out from town.


The post office is across the first street up from the town docks.

The next day we went 10 miles with one lock midway to reach Westport. Westport has had a steady 700 population for most of its life, is more upscale than Smiths Falls and much more tourist oriented. We walked through most of the town and enjoyed a local museum filled with almost any household item from our great grandparent’s time.


Average homes in Westport are old but pretty nice.


Most homes are brick but some are wood. Most good sized but no grand ones. Saw no run down ones either.


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