Burial at Sea of a Marine Officer…  We spent some time with this at the Montreal Art Museum.

Star Gazer stayed 3 weeks in Montreal. During that time Nathan and Troy arrived to travel the rest of this season (until early October) with us and we all took a 5 day side trip to North Idaho to visit our company and relatives there.


Three different boats like this passed within feet of us about 10 times per day going out to the rapids.

The weather continued pleasant, not too hot at all with a good amount of sun. We did manage to see more of Montreal. Mary Queen of the World church was especially interesting. Pastor Bell from our Presbyterian church in Sarasota told us of a great church in Montreal. Normally we find churches with Google Maps, but Church of St Andrew and St Paul could not be found because it did not have the word “Presbyterian” in its name.


Our type of boat is not seen much here. Most all are smaller local boats.

I noticed there were no sailboats at all in Yacht Club Montreal as well as in the other marina we spent one night in. They simply can’t fight that current. I certainly would not want to fight any more than that. We also saw no looper boats or any others that appeared to be further ranging boats such as ours although some of them must come through here sometime. Overall it’s a very different mix of boats in Montreal.


Mary Queen of the World is modeled after St Peters in Rome, but scaled down more than 8X in area.


It is a big church, but not big like St Peters.


Crowded in by surrounding buildings, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Chapel was worth a stop.

These other boats must not talk about their travels on the internet or buy any cruising guides, because I could find no cruising guides for the Ottawa River or the Rideau canal, which does have looper boats. There is internet information on the Rideau, but none I could find on the lower Ottawa River, between Montreal and Ottawa except for an account of two guys traversing that on jet skis. This is a problem since the charts show 3 possible ways to get from the St Lawrence Seaway to the Ottawa River. A few people had a preference for one of those 3, although none had ever traversed it, so that is the way we went and it turned out to be at least 20 feet all the way.


After the service at the Presbyterian church we had lunch and spent the day in the Museum next door.


One thought on “Montreal

  1. Sheri Carlberg says:

    Beautiful pictures of this area. I haven’t traveled there at all, but it looks so interesting. As always, you two find all the best venues! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


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