Windy on the St Lawrence


One of the lightest suspension bridges I’ve seen. US on both sides.

We start early to take advantage of the calm morning weather. When I got up today it was blowing, cold and while not raining certainly not dry. It was the kind of weather I might see when charging into the wind on the boat, not standing on the dock.

It’s only a river, not a great lake or the open Atlantic. How bad can it get? Being wise and prudent boaters, we left anyway. The wind came dead against the current kicking up those short period sharp waves again. The current pushed us to 14 mph against the wind with our throttle backed off a bit. We did pitch about some. Sue could still move about the boat, but kept it to a minimum.


We passed Bolt Castle early on. We can dock there on the way back.

We made good progress, but the two smaller boats that we passed were having quite a time of it, apparently crashing up more white water at their front than anything else. We passed the famous Bolt Castle early on, but had no desire to visit the island in that weather. Hopefully we can see it on the way back.

Things quieted down after 60 miles as we neared the Iroquois Lock. We got there just as it was releasing a load of boats that had locked up, and so were able to go right in with 3 other boats. We dropped only 10 inches and were out before we knew it. We were counting on getting through at least one lock and if that took long enough we would stop at the Waddington town dock afterwards.


Some sailing ship meet up of not-so-tall ships is to happen somewhere in the great lakes.

We were out of the first lock before 1 PM, and made the 28 miles to the next Eisenhower lock before 3, but had to wait there more than a half hour while it cycled through a big freighter. The Eisenhower and Snell locks are 3 ½ miles apart and operate together, so once we got into the first one we went right into the 2nd on arrival. We dropped 45 feet each time and were out by 4:30.


The third of four of these ships we saw today.

We stopped shortly after at Thomson Marine. When I called and asked if they could take us overnight they seemed happy to. When we got there and tied up they were still glad to see us. Turns out they only sell diesel and gas. No restrooms, no power hookup, but no charge! So we were happy to stay there.


We leave the last of three locks, Snell, today

Eighty miles and three more locks to Montreal. We’ll have a strong current behind us but unknown delays at the locks. We’ll have to make it. I can’t find any marina that can take us between the first and last of the locks and no anchorages as well.


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