Waiting in Cape May


The Inner Harbor from our boat the night before we left. Still many people on the walkway to the left.

Nothing else to do, might as well write a blog entry. We’re in the canal that cuts through the southern tip of New Jersey in Cape May waiting for weather that allows us to go the 120 miles up the coast to NYC. This will be the fourth time we have made this crossing and the first time we had to wait more than a day for weather to do it. The cold windy weather that came as we left Baltimore is still with us today.

The Saturday trip up the rest of the Chesapeake and through the C & D Canal to our third stay at Delaware City Marina was windy but minimal movement for us.


Just saw a little, but most homes were 1800’s, some early 1800’s.

We had never thought about the town behind the canal where we docked, but discovered some of it this time when Sue decided on a walk before sunset.

We saw a number of pre Civil War homes and buildings. With the weather back to cold we walked only an hour but covered quite a lot of this small town. Later I found that 204 of the buildings that the 1500 residents of Delaware City live in and use are in the National Historic Register. Something else we need to get back to see more of.


Looking back as we left Delaware City Marina


Looking forward along the marina canal. Delaware City to the left, state park to the right.

Winds and currents can cause steep waves 6’ or more in Delaware Bay since its southeast is completely open to the ocean. These are not waves we ride up and over but the kind that can slap the side of the boat really hard. The dockmaster meets with those going south at 5 PM to go over the next day’s weather on the bay. While Saturday morning was bad, with even some commercial ships turning back, Sunday looked good with the current switching in our favor at about 8 AM.


The first large ship we passed in Delaware Bay was headed toward Philadelphia.

We left just before 8 and had some waves toward the last. We saw some smaller boats having a rougher time but still making it OK. We were docked Canyon Club Marina by 2 PM.


One of the lighthouses in the middle of Delaware Bay.

I checked the NOAA app at noon today and thought we might leave for Atlantic City Tuesday. When I rechecked at 6 PM it looked bad through Friday, the end of the forecast. The guy at the marina desk said one boat went out on the Atlantic this morning but then decided to come back. No chance of leaving here tomorrow, but after that we’ll be watching. If I can get a decent forecast the night before that stays OK at 5 AM next morning we’re out of here.


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