Moore Haven


Looking across the canal from Calusa Jack just before we left. No hurry today.

We’ve reached Moore Haven at the west edge of the big lake., stopping at Calusa Jack just 20 miles into the canal and then at Moore Haven City Docks at the west edge of Lake Okeechobee and finally where we are now. No construction or low water problems at any of the locks and no trains on the rail drawbridges made for very little delay along the way.


You have to tie up yourself, then pay at city hall. Better have a tall boat like we do.

With just 45 miles from Calusa Jack to Moore Haven we got there by noon, tied up right at city center. I walked across the street to pay at city hall, and then next door to the public library. The only other thing nearby was a thrift store, which Sue found immediately. Troy had a great time running around the lawn and seeing the animals at their farm next door at Calusa Jack and visiting the library here. We discovered that Weird Al Yankovic had written some very good children’s books.


The new Weird Al books were a hit. Who knew he was such a good children’s author?

Troy is a great traveller. He seems interested in everything including riding in the boat. We go slow but there is always something to interest him. Of course the several times when porpoises went with us were highlights. He watches and knows anytime I go down into the engine room and he’s there with me to watch what I’m doing and always ready for more explanation about the things in there. He’s four, but reads at 2nd grade level, so he was easily entertained in the Moore Haven library.


Discussing where the electricity comes from. When stopped Troy always came into the engine room with me. 


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