On the Open Sea Again


Sunrise in Savannah as we started for the Wassaw Inlet.

On Sunday October 2 the weather was great and predicted wave height 2’. The tide was high in the morning, making it easy to go out through Wassaw inlet. This is about 10 miles south of the major Savannah inlet. At high tide Wassaw is used by large superyachts to come up to Thunderbolt Marina, just a few hundred yards south of where we stayed, so there was no problem with us getting out and saving about 15 miles.


Looking back at our Savannah marina as we left it.

The two foot waves were a relatively short chop, but going in our direction, so the ride was pretty smooth all the way. Once out of the inlet it was 60 miles to where we could enter the St Simon Inlet to Brunswick. Going on the ICW would have required some winding about and would have taken two days, with anchoring at Walberg Creek in the middle. Some of the more shallow and treacherous parts of the ICW are in Georgia and have to be hit during the higher part of the 7 foot tides, so it was nice to avoid this time.


One of the squares, small parks, throughout Savannah


Better than HGTV. The docent tells us about the Andrew Low house in Savannah

We wanted at least two full days on Jekyll Island, near Brunswick, to visit its historic part with the old Jekyll Island Club Hotel and the winter “cottages” of the Rockefellers and other wealthy people of the time. Leaving at high tide meant we came into the Brunswick area at low tide and could not go south down the shallow 3 miles of ICW to Jekyll Harbor marina until the next day (today), so instead we went a mile north and stayed one night at the St Simon Island Morningstar Marina. We left there this morning for Jekyll Harbor, where we are tonight.


The Brunswick bridge as we came in and turned north up the ICW

We did get out in one of their golf carts a little, but got rained out good and proper, so we came back here. Now we are hearing the hurricane is heading our way, so we’re going to leave tomorrow and go to Brunswick Landing Marina instead of spending to more nights here. Brunswick is considered a good “hurricane hole” so we need to be there and get ready for the blow if it comes. Good thing I had it reserved awhile back, because everyone else will be trying to get in there now.


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