50% chance a bad blow was coming, so Les tied all 4 boats across to the other side. It didn’t come.

We left Beaufort at 6, taking the south way to avoid the drawbridge where we had the issue with all the small fishing boats last year. The 20’ or less depths inside the NC outer banks gets the water warm this time of year. We saw 83 degrees much of the way. How hot must it get in August?

After a few hours of canal we came on the wide Neuse River, touched the edge of Pamlico Sound and then across the Pamlico and up the Pungo rivers. Look any of these up with Google Maps and you’ll see just how huge they are, and never more than 20’ deep anywhere! The locals call these waters the “Sailboat Capital of the World”


NC has great trees along the ICW. A lot of forests, some eagles & deer, along our way.

On the Pungo we arrived at Belhaven and docked at our favorite very small (4 boats tops) marina, Belhaven Waterway. Les and Brenda were both out to help us tie up. We were there in plenty of time for dinner at the best very small town restaurant there is, Spoon River Artworks and Market. The local hospital closing was the hot topic on our previous visit. It did finally close, but now people have accepted it. I guess it was losing money for the last 20 years.

We stayed three days. I’ve been puzzling over how to fix the forward facing doors in Sue’s kitchen cupboards for over a month. Crashing into a big wave caused plates and such to lurch forward through the doors and spill out onto the floor. I got a few items from Ace Hardware across the street, Les ground them into shape, I installed them and now Sue just flicks two bolts and all four doors are locked shut.

Our three relaxing days at Belhaven will be followed by two big travel days. About 70 miles each first to Coinjock Marina and then to Salt Ponds Marina, just into the south end of Chesapeake Bay.



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