Foxtown, Abacos north island


On the way to Foxtown. North end of Whale Cay as we pass it outside going north 

Yesterday we came from Marsh Harbor, just across the Abaco Sea from Hope Town, up to Foxtown at the north end of Abacos. It was a calm day, so no drama as we came through the Whale Cay passage again. There were long period low rollers that crashed on Whale Cay shore, but hardly affected us out in the deeper water.


View outward from our Foxtown anchorage


Fox town from our anchorage

We made it to the Foxtown anchorage last night. We can easily make it to West End today. Foxtown is very small, but its two gas stations are by the water and there is a small grocery store. Our boat could never go to the town docks and getting there is challenge for even a dinghy. Since we dropped anchor after 5:30 and wanted to leave at first light we just stayed aboard and went to bed early.


Sunrise as we left Foxtown anchorage

We got up and left by first light at 6:15. When I did the engine checks the genset radiator cap broke into three pieces in my hand. I guess that happens only on an older boat. Thankfully our battery bank was fully charged when we left Marsh Harbor yesterday and should be fine until we reach West End around 3 today. Such a simple thing. I have spares for things you’ve never heard of, but no spare radiator caps! I hope I can get one so we’ll still be ready to go early tomorrow morning.

We are sailing the length of Grand Bahama island above its north shore. We just passed below Great Sale Cay and are bound for the shallow passage just before West End.


Taken after we passed south of Great Sale Cay. Light areas sand, dark plants & rock. All about 9′ deep.

I’ll recheck tonight, but it looks like Friday and Saturday will good weather to do an outside run and eat up some distance toward the Chesapeake like we’ve been planning.


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