Boca Grande


In a residential neighborhood. The railing at the far end stops you from driving into the Gulf.

We have 3 days in Boca Grande before heading for our last west Florida port. It is not the ultimate Florida paradise our recommender described, but did give us a taste of one part of Florida different from what we’ve seen. Boca is on a small barrier island connected by a drawbridge (the one we were very happy for our boat to miss) connecting it to the mainland. It is narrow enough that there is a single road that runs along its long way in some parts.


A small but very worthwhile museum in the old lighthouse.

There is a very small downtown. Most residents either work somewhere else or are retired. I’m sure they really like it here but it would be way too boring a place for Sue and I to ever live, unless maybe we got really really old. Then we would be a number of miles from any reasonable sized hospital and other such services, so maybe not even then.

Besides downtown there is a small beach facing the inlet we used to get here from the gulf. It has a small by worthwhile museum in the old lighthouse there. There is a small golf club, private only. The homes are nice but mostly modest. I think the ones facing the gulf could be in for a real ride if a hurricane ever blew this way.


We ate lunch at this small restaurant on the (only) road back from the lighthouse beach.

We’re in the largest marina here, Boca Grande Marina with room for about 20 boats. I think there are a number of places for long term docking by island residents, but we don’t know where those are. We get an electric golf cart along with our slip. It’s plenty to get around the island. We couldn’t use more than a quarter of its charge.

We had a good time with two good weather days and a final rainy one today and are ready to get on to Ft Myers tomorrow.


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