Havana, IL

We passed downtown Peoria on our way south to Havana.

On Sunday we traveled 48 miles to the Tall Timber marina in Havana IL. We took that trip slow and enjoyed a leisurely day with the river pretty much to ourselves except for a couple of tows coming the other way. We hit the Peoria lock a mile after we started. Its gates were opening just as we got there.

We had to wait a few minutes for a dredge to move out of our way. Its output was a thousand feet downstream.

There are not many marinas or other stopping places outside of anchorage areas on the Illinois River. Tall Timber, IVY and the Peoria city dock were about the only places we could fit into between Heritage Harbor and Alton. Tall Timber was a small marina and had five looper boats which filled it up tight. We were the last in and it was a real shoehorn job with four people handling lines to get us to our dock. We walked around a little in Havana. They had a minor festival going that evening in their downtown area.


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