Mackinac Island

Lighthouse as we exited calmer waters between Drummond Island and northern Michigan.

Two to three foot waves were predicted in the northwestern part of Lake Huron we would go through to get from Drummond Island to Mackinac Island. None of that was noticeable as we left since we were protected between Drummond Island and northern Michigan mainland. After about 15 miles we got into northwestern Lake Huron and turned west. Then things got just a little bit rougher. Since winds were from the northwest I hoped that hugging the south coast of northern Michigan would protect us and I think it did.

There was no significant rocking until we struck out in a southwest direction to get to Mackinac Island. I need to look at a latch for the refrigerator doors, because a few times they wanted to open and deposit their contents on the floor. Sue and Sharon managed to prevent that while Paul and I swayed with the waves up topside. Waves on the beam (from the side) are the worst and that was how we were taking them, rocking from side to side. That lasted less than an hour and we entered the Mackinac Island marina behind the breakwaters.

The fort is across the street from the marina. First thing Sue wanted was a carriage ride through town.

Even if the waves on the beam are not so high, if they come with the right timing they still can get you rocking. We plan to have stabilizer fins installed early next year which should almost completely eliminate the side to side rocking we had today. The only thing I can do now to make the boat a little more stable is to make sure the water tank and fuel tanks, which are stored low, are full. The fuel takes awhile to go down, but with four people on the boat we top off the water every couple of days or after Sue runs a few loads through the washing machine.

Main Street here reminds us of Main Street USA in Disneyland, except for the horses and bicycles.

At Yankee Rebel Tavern. We also allowed ourselves one elegant (and good) meal at Woods Restaurant.

We travelled less than 50 miles, were there well before noon and went to lunch at the Pink Pony restaurant on main street. Later Paul’s brother Marty and his wife Cheryl showed up and got settled in.

We’ll be here three nights, which should give us time to see a lot of the island, since it’s not very big.


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