A Walk to the Lift Lock


The lift lock and its museum to the right of this photo were the goal of my walk.

Peterborough is a town of about 80,000 and is the largest city on the Trent-Severn canal. It has a great downtown where we spent the day yesterday. George street is the major shopping/restaurant street. Several cross streets have a lot of businesses going both ways of George. Most all the buildings are older and in great shape. This is a great town to spend a few days in, which is just what we’re doing.


Rail swing bridge which I passed after the road swing bridge which was upstream from lock 20.

Locks 20 and 21, the famous lift lock, are right in the city. This morning I took a forty minute walk from our marina to the lift lock. I wanted to see it in action before we took our ride. A foot bridge crosses from the marina to a walking path to lock 20. That was closed for repairs so I took the railroad bridge next to it. At the swing bridge across the canal above lock 20 I talked with Rachel, the lockmaster for 20. She had just let three boats out of the lock and rode her bicycle to the bridge and was opening that. She figures she has cycled her lock 3000 times since she started work. Most lockmasters are young, maybe working their way through college?


Canadian geese were all along the path to the lift lock. Most peaceable, but one tried to take me on.

I then walked along the parkway to lock 21. I watched the lock cycle once and visited the museum there.


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