Looking down George Street in Peterborough

Today we ran 14.5 miles to lock 18 at Hastings. Some of the Hastings main street area along the river looked really nice. We definitely will stop there, if only for a few hours, next time through.

Looking down from top at middle gate between locks 16 & 17 before we left for Hastings and Peterborough

We continued 18 miles through Rice Lake which was formed by the dam at Hastings, and then 27 miles up a very narrow winding channel to lock 19 in Peterborough. Locks 20 and 21, the famous lift lock, are also in Peterborough. I’ve been waiting to see that lift lock.

Sue was not too impressed with the scenery our first day on the canal. Much more so the second day, and today it was great. A lot of the country we are zigzagging through is about a two hour drive from Toronto, so we see a lot of summer homes. These are less spectacular and older than what Americans build along the rivers and ICW, but very nice, and overall seem a more pleasant and spread out. Much of the difference is probably because few would want to spend the winter, or even late fall or early spring here.

The weather remains really good. Sunny but breezy. Depending on our direction, which in this canal changes often and drastically, we put on and take off our jackets. Not enough wind to blow us about when approaching the locks, however.

After passing lock 19 we took a sharp left through Little Lake to Peterborough Marina where we topped up fuel, pumped out (finally) and will stay awhile.


Evening concert in the next door park just back of the marina office. Lots of food vendors too.

We arrived on a Wednesday, and every Wednesday and Saturday there is a concert in the park, which is next to the marina. It was not our kind of music, so we didn’t hang around that area long.


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