Trip to Albany


New York State Capitol building. It cost 2.5 times as much as Alaska, and really is pretty nice.

Except for NYC and its surrounding cities, cities in New York, from more to less population are Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany. We were as close to Albany from Schenectady as from Waterford, and so spent July 3rd there. It was worth seeing, especially the state capitol building. William Seward was governor here before he worked in the Lincoln administration where he purchased Alaska. He must have recognized what a deal Alaska was since the New York state capitol cost 2 1/2 times as much to build.

Senate     CapitolStairs

Senate chamber and one of many staircases in the capitol.

When Teddy Roosevelt later became governor construction was still in progress until Teddy simply declared it finished. You can see places where the carvings just end.


Indoor store for the Silver Fox Salvage company. A bit of everything here and a lot of history of Albany.

On the way back to the boat Keith spotted an interesting salvage company yard. They also had an indoor part.


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