Slow Going


Gayle and Keith at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. We visited DC while waiting for the boat.

No photos during this entry. I haven’t found the big camera yet and no time to use the phone.

On June 19 we are at Coinjock Marina (on our last trip south it was between posts Traveling South and Belhaven) with Greg to fixing some things that came up on the boat. After being on the hard for two months and having a number of things like the fresh water tank removed (to access the bolts holding the struts) our trip out of Washington turned into a “shakedown cruise”. Our first trip was just 45 miles to Belhaven Marina, the next was 50 miles to Alligator Marina and then 35 to Coinjock at ICW mile marker 50. The first two of these overnights I could figure out some minor things that happened and today the trip was short and we arrived early enough at Coinjock that Greg has time to fix some of the bigger things.

Keith and Gayle Holmes from Australia are with us on the boat for the next month. We have become good friends working with them in India and Thailand and have taken a few vacations together as well. The are pretty adaptable people and have had no trouble with life on board.

It’s a good thing they are adaptable, because these first days have been chaos. The workers had torn up the bed and removed the big fresh water tank under it. Clothes and storage items were moved off the boat into storage and then later returned. Do you suppose a few items might have ended up in places other than where expected? We’ve still got piles of stuff stacked everywhere and are trying to make sense of it when we land after our day’s travel. Everything truly essential we have found, but I’m just wondering when Sue will notice my tooth brush and related items are not present and consider them essential.

There’s a “famous” restaurant here at Coinjock. Whenever you mention going here area people, including Greg, always say to eat here. Sue, Keith and Gayle were over there tonight. I stayed here to work with Greg and learn what I could so if these things break loose again I can fix them.

Up to now we’ve had pretty short trips. We’ll start picking up the pace tomorrow.


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