Charleston as we sailed away

It rained all day on the 8th the after we got to Charleston, so we just stayed in and caught up with a few things on the boat. That night we went out with Jim and Belinda, two friends and fellow DeFever travelers we met at the Brunswick Marina. It was restaurant week in Charleston, so we got a great deal at Slightly North of Broad, one of the best Charleston restaurants.

Jim and Belinda have been boating a lot longer than us, so we learn a lot every time we get together. Sue learned how to store more clothes in drawers without anything hiding anything else. She put all my stuff in that way and it really does work better. Jim and I talked about more grave issues like sewage storage and treatment. There again he gave me a great idea which I hope to have working in a week or two.

The 9th Sue and I visited the Middleton and Magnolia plantations. Except for one minor portion most of the Middleton house was destroyed in the civil war and the Magnolia home was the third one, although still built before 1900. Still, they were interesting.

The grounds are what everyone goes to see, and they were great. I do wonder about that bridge across the pond at Magnolia that is “the most photographed bridge in America.” It was very beautiful, but I’ve never seen a picture of it before, while I have seen a whole lot of pictures of the Golden Gate and Brooklyn bridges. Maybe they were stretching things a little?

After my sister and her husband arrived they wanted to see historic homes. Fine by us since Sue and I like nothing better, so we spent the 10th going through 4 of them. That evening we remembered that restaurant week was still going strong, so we went to another of Charleston’s finest, the Magnolia and had no problem getting in on a weekday.


We had to leave the next day. In order to start before 7:30 and arrive at the dreaded Sullivan Island Narrows at a mid and rising tide we had to leave on the 11th. Wait another day and we would have to wait another hour before passing the narrows and would arrive too late at Georgetown, our next stop.


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