Brunswick at Last


We crossed under this bridge to get to Brunswick Landing marina.

Brunswick GA is the first town of reasonable size with marinas after crossing out of hurricane country and into Georgia from the south. We’re on dock 8 at Brunswick Landing marina. That’s the one near the restroom and showers, which is great since this marina stretches for a mile along the inlet coast. A lot of people stay here this time of year, and we met a number of them, including 4 couples in our DeFever club.

We are the only boat in a back in slip for two, which is great for my docking practice. I don’t have to worry about crashing into the next door neighbor.

Our grandsons have come to visit with us and will stay for over a week. We have seen a number of things with them, including Jekyll Island and its beach that goes on forever and the second church that John Wesley preached in before he went back to England and started the famous revival. We also located a fishing charter captain specializing in fishing trips for kids. Ethan and Aaron both caught a number of sharks, whitefish and rays.



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