To Wrightsville Beach

In the Beaufort – Morehead City port. Not sure if these fan blades are coming or going.

Our good weather was holding as we left Beaufort at 7:30 and traveled the ICW to Bridge Tender Marina in the outskirts of Wilmington NC. We watched for logs and wood floating due to recent high water but saw nothing. We did see a lot of damage to roofs and to landscaping in front of homes. A few homes were boarded up to prevent floodwater intrusion but we couldn’t see much flood damage. That may be because nearly all the homes along the ICW in this part of NC are fairly new and build higher up.

There was a lot of blue plastic on roofs along the way. Wind seemed to do more than water in this area.

The main issue for this trip was the bridges. For some reason the Onslow half hourly bridge, operated by the Marines, remained open most of the time and we had no delay there. Further south the area high water had gone down so we could still fit under the Figure 8 half hourly bridge.

Most of the docks and piers along our way were torn up. We saw 4 or 5 grounded boats.

We were left with the Surf City and the Wrightsville Beach bridges which open only on the hour. These are 20 miles apart with the ICW pretty straight in between. Since we travel at 10 mph, once we get through one bridge we can hope to hit the other one just in time, except for currents. This time we flew along most of the day with following currents, but as we got closer to Wrightsville Beach we ran into the other kind. We barely made it as the final bridge opened and got to our marina which was just on the other side.


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