Missed It!


From the free MyRadar iPad app at 1:50 PM Sep 12. Rain not shown more than a few hundred miles offshore, but winds are shown.

We were delayed nearly two weeks with that hull damage, so we are in Baltimore when we might have been in North Carolina by now. If we had gotten down there I wonder where we would have run to get away from the storm. It’s hard to find a good place when everyone else is looking for the same thing. Getting hauled out of the water is a possibility if the boatyard is not already full from all the locals getting the same idea and knowing where to go before we do.

We go 10 mph, but normally not more than 7 hours a day when we are traveling. That’s an average of 3 mph over a 24 hour period if we travel every day. Besides, if we stay on the ICW we may not travel in a straight line. Hard to get away from a hurricane moving at 15 mph.


Zooming out shows three more storms. The southmost seems weaker than when I last looked. The northeast wasn’t there last time.

As it is we are 200 miles or more north of even the tropical storm warning area. We don’t anticipate more than a few inches of surge. Of course with 2″ pier clearance at high tide that may still be significant, but a minor nuisance compared with what folks down south might be looking at.

So maybe getting our hull dinged was not such a misfortune at all. Sue does say I complain too much sometimes. Could she be right? Besides, after unending rain since Saturday the sun was out today, but it was still raining! It was a light straight down rain, so we went walking around the inner harbor anyway and a great time.

After the storm is over will there be anywhere at all for us to stay along the way down there? I suppose we can anchor out if need be. Will the ICW be choked with debris, be too shallow due to washed in sand or mud or even closed down? Maybe we can travel outside, but what will it be like out there? Zooming out that view I show at the top, I can see three other storms further out. No telling how they will affect things. Boating can get pretty interesting.


3 thoughts on “Missed It!

  1. Ruth says:

    Good to catch up on your escapades. When is your book coming out about traveling around the country by boat? Miss you guys and hope you are having a great, safe time. Things going well here but Bree and Chris might be moving back to LA. Azusa is going to close Chris’ campus in the spring. We love it here so will more than likely stay here. Marty is a fixture at the rest home, helping and playing videos for all the residents. So glad we are able to be a part of our community. Be safe and prayers for you both. xxoo


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