Delaware Bay


You can just see the new paint at the newest ding. Two other areas were smoothed over also.

Friday morning we got back to Canyon Club by 8, moved what luggage and stuff we had from our 9 days of traveling back onto the boat. Before 9:30 the boat was back in the water and we were underway.


Easiest to board before we got to the water, so we had a slow ride overland.

We’ve mentioned passing through Delaware Bay before, and that’s all anyone does there. I’ve not seen anyone sailing, fishing or having recreation of any sort on Delaware Bay. It can get pretty rough, but was calm for our passage. We did fight 1½ to 2 mph current all the way and did not reach Delaware City marina at the top of the bay until just before it closed at 5.

Starboard just as we enter the Delaware City canal off the Delaware River.

With things looking uncertain down south due to possible storms I’d like to fuel up here but can’t tonight because everyone left. They get in at 8 tomorrow (Saturday) so we’ll fuel up and pump out before we leave for Baltimore. Currents are such that we can get into the C & D canal at 9:30 just as the currents turn our way. We should be able to ride it most of the way to the Baltimore harbor entrance. A small craft warning is out for Sunday, so that’s another reason to get going.


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