Back to Brunswick



All put back together, Star Gazer floats at dock 7 at Brunswick Landing Marina.

After more than a week of medical and dental appointments we got up Wednesday morning, got a one-way rental car and drove from Sarasota back to our boat in Brunswick Georgia. We got there early afternoon on a fairly nice day. We set immediately to work putting all the canvas back up. It was really a lot easier than I thought it would be. I don’t think it took much longer than it did when we took it down.

The dinghy had been floating for a week and a half since we had left and I was pretty concerned they would have a lot of hard to remove bottom growth. It took me two days to remove the growth from when I left it in the water for a week during our first trip to Savannah. This time it appears that the bottom paint we had put on it kept it pretty clean.

Most of the job was done before we went to bed Wednesday night. That gave us the next day to finish up, do a grocery resupply trip and do any final prep for Friday’s trip south.


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