Leave for Texas


Front of our Texas condo. We swapped Jordan’s and our cars.

We left Bridge Tender Marina at first light and reached Myrtle Beach Yacht Club by 2 PM on August 17. We spent a few days organizing the boat so some work could be done while we were gone and flew to Austin on Saturday the 20th to get things ready for the movers who were coming on Monday.


Taken a few years back from our back deck. Beige strip in distance is trail to town around lake.

Once in Austin we threw out a lot of things, gave a lot to Goodwill and the movers took the rest. Sue’s used furniture and Goodwill shopping habits have not led to us accumulating a lot of family heirlooms, so moving is getting easier each time. The lady we bought the Florida condo from is leaving all her appliances and a lot of her furniture, so moving in should be not so hard.

It has been a great place to live while in Austin. Most of the advantages of a home as well as those of a condo along with having a park and the lake in our backyard.


Christmas shot inside the living room.

On the Wednesday we sign the closing papers and hit the road for Florida. We’ll visit East Texas, Louisiana, bits of Missisippi and Alabama before we drive along the Florida west coast to Sarasota.


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