Little River SC


We started the loop to see stuff like this. An allee at Brookgreen Gardens

We’ve been stuck awhile in Little River SC, very close to the NC border. The boat decided it needed a new genset. We had been fixing the old one a bit more than I liked. Most recently the radiator cap went to pieces as I removed it. Some places, like the Bahamas, it’s hard to get parts, even a radiator cap. The genset was not so large that replacing it was particularly difficult, but it was interesting to see how they get 600 lbs up into the boat and down into the engine room.


Discussing world affairs with Bernard Baruch at Brookgreen

The issue is with the generator part, not the diesel that drives it. Nice that diesels last so long. The main engines, which I really don’t want to replace, are fine, and should last considerably longer than we will.


Museum and garden restaurants are our favorites. Food was actually very good. Our table was on the far left.

Boats are fun. The people next to us in this marina bought a one year old boat. They were just able to leave this morning for parts north after replacing the aircon, which had completely failed. Maybe I repeat myself, but a few phrases I have heard are “don’t buy a boat unless you can be handy to fix things” and “at any one time there are about 5 things wrong with your boat and you know about 2 of them”. I am a bit handy, but don’t rise to the level of replacing 600 lb gensets.


They have a ride through the back waters just off the ICW. See babies behind mama?


Diana (to the left) pond.

Places along the ICW are always interesting, and the Myrtle Beach area is no exception. Very touristy with beachwear shops everywhere you look. Not up to Las Vegas but maybe ahead of Pigeon Forge (Dollywood).

One of the places we’ve been to, three times, is Brookgreen Gardens. It is just off of ICW mile 386. North Carolina and the north half of South Carolina have magnificent trees along the ICW, with some of the best in Brookgreen Gardens. We went there on the first of three sunny days and were back again for the other two. We love the botanical part and the sculptures are growing on us. This may be the best botanical garden we’ve been to in our travels, and it is the one we’ve enjoyed most. After this we’ll have to stop at Wacca Wache marina just a few miles north of the gardens. We’ll want to visit Brookgreen each trip up.


One of many Lego creations in the zoo here. They each have 20 – 70K bricks.


Sue reads about one of the three old plantations that were here before.

We had time to get other business out of the way while here as well, and are ready to be on the move tomorrow. Our immediate goal, with a stop or two along the way, will be Beaufort NC.


3 thoughts on “Little River SC

  1. Carol Ann Kerr says:

    Oh! your grandkids must have LOVED the Lego spider and such! How delightful…and how beautiful are the old trees and mature plantings. I love your life today!


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