Waiting for Weather


Sue and the boys where we ate dinner one night overlooking Key West old town.

Here we sit in the Cable Marine East boatyard, waiting for a weather window. In Google maps, look at Port Everglades, the big Cruise Port in Ft Lauderdale. We are in the narrow channel just north of that. It runs west between SE 15th and SE 16th St. We have been afloat, living on board while they replaced the old bathtub, that was hard to step over and otherwise use, with a shower, among other jobs. All that is finished now and we plan to be ready to leave for the Bahamas this Wednesday (6th).

The weather may have other ideas. A north wind came up a and the forecast shows it will still be going Wednesday. One rule is to never cross the Gulf Stream, which flows north, when there is a wind from the north on it. That apparently “stacks up the waves” making them higher and shorter frequency. They’re predicted 9’ Wednesday, more than we’ll do stabilizers or no. Saturday is the earliest possible time to leave now, and that looks doubtful.


Pelicans lining up off the docks at Robbie’s for battle. You fight them to feed the tarpon.

We have had good weather fortune up to now, never waiting more than a couple of days for weather, and rarely having to do that.

We’ve had a few day trips while here. Vizcaya mansion south of Miami is a must see, and we also enjoyed a day in Coral Gables, a 1920’s planned community containing the famous Biltmore Hotel.

Ethan and Aaron visited for a week over spring break and went on our biggest trip, 5 days in the Keys. We left early enough Monday morning March 15 to avoid most of the Miami traffic and drove the famous US 1 to Key West. We stopped at Robbie’s for lunch and to see the huge tarpon swimming around the docks.


Starting our way up under the parasail at Key West

We stayed 2 nights at the Inn at Key West, which turned out considerably nicer than we expected for what passes in that area for a low priced hotel. We swam at the public beach, took the trolley tour, ate out in the historic area, snorkeled at Zachary Taylor State park and parasailed.


We all did the dolphin pull at Marathon.

The kids had a great time when we spent 2 nights at Seashell Beach Resort on the Atlantic at Marathon. They could snorkel a thousand feet out and still only be up to their waist when they stood. They had a very long pier that ended in stairs into water that was finally deep enough to snorkel. They fished and caught some pretty good sized crabs. We also spent a good part of one day at the Dolphin Research Center swimming with the porpoises.


Fishing off the pier at Seashell Resort at Marathon. Their favorite pastime.

Once back to the boat they lost no time getting back to fishing of the dock and caught the best fish so far since they have been in Florida. Funny how that works. Their great grandfather Jack was a real fisherman. That then skipped two generations but now Ethan and Aaron like nothing better. They do enjoy their trips with us, as long as they include a lot of fishing.


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