Home of John Ringling of circus fame, from the ICW as we came to Sarasota.

We are one block from downtown shops and restaurants. Another block takes us to a Whole Foods Market, a Starbucks and yet other stores. A quick drive takes us to any big box store or chain restaurant we can think of. New high rise condos going up right by our marina might be a great place to live, but I don’t want to think of any fixed place to live right now. I would rather wait and see how we feel when we come again next year.


Sand castle contest in Sarasota.

We’ve heard it’s the warmest November in many years, and the weather has been great the whole time. The only rain was here, as well as in Austin, during our Austin trip. The First Presbyterian Church is close by. We’ve made it there for three Sundays and liked it. Presbyterians tend toward the older folks, not many young families in their churches. Sue thought Florida is a great place for them. Presbyterian churches can die as their congregations get old and die off. No worries about that in Florida because there’ll be plenty more old people coming in to replace them.


Presbyterian church in Sarasota near Marina Jack

We’ve decided the Florida west coast may be more to our liking than the east coast, should we decide to settle down to a fixed location. The east is really crowded, especially from West Palm Beach south. The west is less so, but that will change as more retired folk pour into both sides.


At son Adam’s home in Austin for Thanksgiving.


2 thoughts on “Sarasota

  1. Carol A Kerr says:

    Thanks for continuing to keep us all informed as to your thoughts for the future and your whereabouts! I love the picture of Adam and his great family! I was sharing, at Thanksgiving in So. Cal., with Erin’s family, how key Sue was to my entering into a real faith relationship with our Lord. So thankful that we met and that God prompted Don and myself to commit to those in home bible studies! Little did I know that Erin also had a key conversation with Sue and it made a tremendous difference in his faith walk as well.


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