South Haven

Exiting the channel from the Harbortown Marina into Lake Muskegon. It’s a major marina in a large basin in a large town. You wouldn’t guess that from its entrance channel.

We arrived back in Muskegon around 5 PM, took a look at the weather (2 feet or less) and decided to leave south the next day. We left at 7:30 for South Haven and found the water a bit more bumpy than the rosy picture I saw on the forecasts. It was definitely a sit down trip. Sue just went down and had a long nap in our bedroom the back of the boat. Bouncing from the waves is least there.

The channel between Lake Muskegon and Lake Michigan is not crowded this Friday morning.

I had the watch in 1 – 3 foot waves. Not much happens a mile offshore and very few boats are around. It would be nice to catch up on my reading but I start getting seasick if I do. Keeping watch out on the horizon seems to prevent that, or cure it if I feel it coming on. I’ll be glad to be back on more protected waterways.

We arrived in South Haven and were all tied up by 2. We’re in a municipal marina again and so are right at the somewhat touristy old downtown. Sue found a place to get her hair cut and I found an old bookstore. There are more benches than usual on the sidewalks downtown. That might be due to the town wide wi fi system. That worked nicely in the several places I tried it. Who needs Starbucks when you can sit down anyplace in town?

Main Street in South Haven. A bit of our marina shows at the end of the street.

I’m writing this on the day after coming to South Haven (Saturday), and it looks like rain most of the day. It’s a very gentle no wind rain, so it’s easy to go out with just an umbrella. There is a farmer’s market we originally planned attending this morning. We may still go later today.

Weather looks calm for a number of days. Think we’ll go over to Chicago and dock near downtown and see the sights there. Hopefully there will be more to see than Detroit.


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