Locking Videos

Lots of good internet access here at Port of Orillia marina, so I have done some blog posts and can add this one with videos Paul took of Star Gazer going through some locks on the Trent-Severn canal system.

Here is a video of the view from the restaurant where we ate lunch in Fenelon Falls. We are just below the dam and powerhouse. The canal and locks are beyond the powerhouse in a separate channel not visible here.

We are dropping 59 feet in the Kirkfield lift lock, lock 36. Then a look back as we exit the Kirkfield lock.

Here is a view from the bridge as we enter lock 38, where we had just stayed overnight.

Here we are entering lock 39, then you see water draining from the lower lock gates. With the lock drained the gates are being opened manually. You can see the attendant in the upper left corner opening the gate on his side. Finally we leave lock 39.


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