On the Wall at Silvan Beach


Sut and Keith getting onto the boat at Silvan Beach

No marina that can take our size boat at the east end of Oneida Lake, so we’re on a long wall that runs from the entrance to the lake back past an amusement park and a city park. No shore power or other facilities, so it’s like being at anchor except we can walk off the boat.


Just one not too long main street. Reminds me of where I grew up.

We did just that to explore the only main street of town. Just a few blocks long. This is a summer resort town for this area of the state. It reminds me of Coeur d’Alene in the 50’s, including the long gone Playland Pier amusement park. There are a number of ice cream shops, a post office and just a few other businesses. There are a few restaurants, but everyone here eats at Eddies. We already had dinner in the crock pot on the boat, but we’ll try that next year. Yes, we’re planning to loop again next year.


Urger was parked in front of us. The historical site plaque on its cabin shows its the flagship of the Erie tug fleet.

Since we can’t hook up to shore power tonight we are testing the power systems on the boat for anchoring. It’s all doing better than expected. We unhooked from shore power about 7 AM this morning. Now it’s after 10 PM and the genset still has not kicked in. That’s including using the microwave periodically throughout the day, running the TV awhile and cooking dinner in the crock pot. No air con needed today and Sue did not wash clothes or run the dishwasher, but everything else can be powered by the battery bank all day.

Greg put our new anchor on the front yesterday. We’ll have to try that sometime.


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