Restaurant at Haverstraw Marina. Hudson to left. Our boat off to the right.

Haverstraw Marina, 50 miles up from NYC, was the marina in the West Point area that could take our size of boat. We are staying here 3 nights, then we plan Kingston NY for the 29th and Albany the 30th for our next stops. Then we’ll turn left and be at Schenectady NY, six locks into the Erie canal for July 1!

We are not experienced lockers yet. We transited a few locks when we crossed Florida after first getting on the boat, but that was with a professional captain aboard. With Sharon and Paul we did a few locks in the Dismal Swamp canal and the Great Bridge lock just south of Norfolk. It’s great to have Keith and Gayle on board for line handling through the Erie. I’ll blow up our two big 27 x 36” fenders to hang off each side of the bow, then if we hit a lock side we can bounce off, I hope.

StJohnCath   WTC One

We did take the subway into Manhattan the night we were there. St John’s Cathedral as we passed Manhattan.

What was this? Looked it up on Google maps. Sing Sing prison.

The Hudson has been scenic all the way so far, with rugged banks, especially on the west side as we get toward the bend at West Point. We see a number of trains, both passenger and freight traveling on the east side. Few cars are visible, however, so any highways would have to be a ways back from the river bank. Fortunately, at least from our boater’s point of view, the banks are too steep in most places for roads along the river, except periodically at an occasional small town or village.

Not a lot here right by the marina, but we’re here to see West Point, as well as a bit of catching up on boat stuff tomorrow.


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