Veterans at the WWII memorial.

We spent more than 2 weeks in DC. We saw way to much to detail, but, for our memory as well as anything else, here’s a summary.

27 Mon        Monticello, Miche Tavern, U of VA.
28 Tue          Museum of Art. This and the Louve are our favorites.
29 Wed         Lincoln, Vietnam, WWII memorials, Air & Space
30 Thu          Museum of Art. Downtown walk that evening.
1 Fri              Museum of American History
2 Sat             Museum of American Art. A few blocks north.
3 Sun            National Cathedral service, Hillwood Museum.
4 Mon           Library of Congress. National Botanical Gardens
5 Tue            Arlington cemetery, Pentagon City mall
6 Wed           Spy museum. Interesting. Spent a lot of time there.
7 Thu            Mount Vernon. Research caused changes in 40 years.
8 Fri              Museum of Natural History. Better than expected.
9 Sat             Relaxed at Hotel
10 Sun          Museum of Natural History. Lot better than NYC.
11 Mon          Art (yes, again) and National Building Museums
12 Tue           Drive to Washington, NC


Sue sits where we both sat 40 years ago on our previous visit to Mt Vernon.

Our first 2 or 3 days in DC were a bit cool, as it had been at Monticello. After that it warmed up to a nice temperature for the rest of our visit. We kept our rental car and used it for the cathedral, Arlington and Mt Vernon, but for the most part it was not necessary. Except for Mt. Vernon cabs would have been  better.


Hillwood was fantastic. Home of Marjorie M. Post (Post cereals & married to E.F. Hutton)


With less time we might have skipped Natural History. Glad we didn’t.

If you’re going to be stuck in a city, there’s none better than DC. After leaving we stayed a couple of days in Washington NC to check on the boat and then flew to Ft Lauderdale for Sue’s eye appointment. We had not planned on being in Austin, but changed our minds about 3 days before coming. Southwest Air is great that way. We cancelled a return trip from Ft Lauderdale to Norfolk (close to Washington NC) and used the money for Austin. Seniors are able to get low prices on these flights just a few days before. I don’t think we paid more than $20 over one we could have bought way in advance.

Keith and Gayle fly in May 29 to Kennedy. Near the end of our DC stay a cab driver told us about the new Marriott Courtyard hotel near the Capitol. He said they were trying to get their rooms filled since they were not yet known to be there. Sue called and reserved rooms for Keith and Gayle and us for the first week in June in case the boat is not ready by the first. Average $100 per night. If the boat isn’t ready by June 1 we’ll continue our DC vacation with them while we wait.


“Monumental” best describes the art museum. Our favorite DC place. Contains our favorite DC restaurant too.


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