Washington Again

The cyclists are off for the day. Saturday farmer’s market with Star Gazer in the background.

We got to Washington NC on Tuesday about 1:30 after we overnighted in Oriental. It rained off and on all day, but was not cold, so we were comfortable up on the fly bridge with a few of the windows opened or not, depending on the rain. This is our second time here. Both times we came to have Greg work on the boat.

Greg, a fiberglass guy and two wood working/cabinetry guys have been on the boat so far. Catfish, a diver, checked us out underneath and found the source of the banging we heard the last day running up here. Seems our last grounding loosened the line cutter that wraps around the starboard shaft. The props look good, however. We get hauled (the boat is taken onto dry land) on Monday. We need to come out to install a new forward looking sonar as well as reinstall two other sensors that were not put in quite right.

Yesterday (Friday), today and tomorrow is a big bike ride with some hundreds of participants. All the parking and parking lots anywhere around are filled with motor homes, small trailers, tent trailers or just minivans with all sorts of bike racks. Each day there are a number of courses ranging from 5 to over 100 miles long, with support vans circulating for breakdowns, bicycle or human. It’s not a race, and they’re not out to cure cancer or anything, it’s just for fun.

It was Music in the Streets night last night with everything else. This group was back this morning.

There’s also a small farmers market here today. A group of guys are starting a model railroad club are outside with it. They have a fair sized operating layout outside, so it’s good that it’s not raining much today.

After we get the boat to the yard and hauled on Monday, we’re thinking of a road trip to Richmond VA. It was the capital of the confederacy and is less than 3 hours away.


2 thoughts on “Washington Again

  1. Julia Cradduck says:

    Your life is so exciting. Sue did not have to go far to shop! Perfect parking place. Sounds like so much fun. Judy

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