Lantana, FL


Ethan & Aaron fishing at our Lantana marina. ICW in the background. We’re on the west side of it.

Lantana is more upscale area than our last Florida stop, with the larger cities West Palm Beach 20 minutes to the north and Fort Lauderdale 40 minutes to the south being even more upscale. Lantana is definitely more laid back and less crowded than those two areas, a great place to be. Staying here is like buying the cheapest house in a really great neighborhood and getting a great deal.

Sue can tell this overall area is more upscale than our last stop by the shopping and look of the town. I can tell because there are so few billboards with lawyer ads. I have not noticed any of that on local broadcast TV yet.


Star Gazer at Moorings condominiums. Docks are managed by Loggerhead Lantana Marina.

Our marina is poorly rated in the cruising guides because it has no laundry facilities, and no staff in our area. There are no pump out facilities either, so when that is needed we have to undock and go a couple of miles south to another marina for that. There is a drawbridge along that way but fortunately we will just barely make it under that. No staff means no one to help us in or out of our slip when we do move the boat.

I hope to have some modifications done soon that will make these things less of a problem for us. First, we’re having a sewage treatment facility installed. These are now quite small and do a much better job than a municipal plant. We’ll also install some things to make controlling the boat while docking easier.

We already have laundry so the disadvantages of this marina will not affect us much, and the advantages, like the complex’s gym, pool and spa are very nice, little used and always available to us and our guests.


What disadvantages? Boys play pool in one of the common areas.

Adam arrived two days after us. Our two older grandsons stayed on our boat while I dropped Adam, Harini and Derrick off at the Fort Lauderdale cruise port for a one week cruise. Our grandsons will swim at a nearby beach and fish here at the marina as the weather hopefully permits.



One thought on “Lantana, FL

  1. Sharla Harris says:

    Dear Jack and Sue,
    I love reading about your adventures on your beautiful boat and learning about the areas you are visiting. The photographs are gorgeous and I especially love seeing the photos of the kids, they are such beautiful children!
    Sue, thank you so much for the gorgeous necklace!! The colors fit me perfectly and it has become my favorite piece in my jewelry collection. You are always so thoughtful and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you thinking of me. Also, the two of you are always so generous and I want you to know that our family feels so blessed with you in our lives. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Sharla Harris


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