Boat Show and a Winter Home


The 3/4 mile outer dock had superyachts lined up all the way on both sides. Some longer than 200 feet.

We’re back in Brunswick from the world’s biggest boat show in Fort Lauderdale. It would take a year to look at all the boats there, and this does not count the trailerable boats over at the coliseum. I didn’t go there. Fortunately we were not shopping for boats, but for boat accessories and additions. There was more of that than we could take in as well, but we did find most of what we were looking for as well as a few things we were not looking for. As we expected, we ended up spending more than we expected.


Each of these outboards is a bit north of 500 hp. Wonder how fast it goes?

Our boat will be a bit more comfortable, and a little safer and easier to drive and dock as a result of some purchases. Sue even found a new polish for our ship’s bell.

We did some looking before the show and we have located the right marina. The price is reasonable because of several limitations such as no laundry facilities, no pump out facility, no WiFi, no nearby access channel from the ICW to the Atlantic and being hemmed in by drawbridges that open only hourly. None of these matter to us because we have the missing facilities on board, will venture out on the open Atlantic rarely if at all and can just squeak under those drawbridges without an opening.

The nearby shopping is good, there are close by beaches for grandchildren and we are close enough to the Fort Lauderdale/ Miami area to go there anytime but otherwise still be out of its traffic and congestion. I’ll say more about this when we get there.

The high tomorrow here in Brunswick will be 55. Down there it will be 70, which makes it clear to me why we have to get going. We lost our ability to tolerate cold weather years ago. The day after tomorrow will be a bit warmer here, and the high tide will run 40 minutes later, giving me time to get past a few hazard areas a few miles to the south. We sail then.


One thought on “Boat Show and a Winter Home

  1. Bruce says:

    That boat with the four 500 HP engines looks ridiculous! The hull didn’t look bigger than 25-feet. Based on what you told me at the office this afternoon, I imagine your 50-ft. with twin 375 HP engines is just about right. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and pictures. I can’t wait to show Cinda – although she has never been much of a boat person – primarily because I haven’t always instilled a lot of confidence in my abilities to maneuver even my 21-ft. MasterCraft!

    Say hello to Sue for me. I miss seeing her here.



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