Back to Charleston


Back with our buddies at Charleston City marina

Charleston is a fun city. It is very small. Being from the west, I’m used to San Francisco being the great city where you can still walk around most of its boundary in a day. My oldest son and I did that many years ago. Charleston is also a great city, but is on a peninsula that is less than 2 miles wide by a couple of miles long, so it is very small. A tour guide said it had a bit more than 100,000 people in the city limits.

So even if you are our age Charleston is the perfect city for walking. This is our third time here now and we are beginning to have our familiar haunts. We both love the Magnolia restaurant, which is quite famous, has reasonable prices and really great food. We had dinner there with Paul and Sharon a month ago and ate there twice this time. We toured another plantation, visited a Catholic cathedral just before evening mass and walked through part of down town. We’ll always stop here at least a few days every time we pass through.

It was a long trip to Charleston. We came directly from Barefoot Landing marina in North Myrtle Beach at mile 354 to Charleston City marina at 470. We left at 6:50 AM and got in at 6:45 PM right at sunset. That was cutting it close. I don’t think we’ll do that again, but we wanted an extra day in Charleston and I had another marina an hour closer where we could have gone if we could not make it. Certainly the longest trip we have made. The ICW did not wind much this time. Google Maps said the road distance between the cities is the same as the ICW distance.

We’ll leave tomorrow (20th) early to Beaufort SC at mile 540 for an overnight and then a quick trip to Savannah at mile 582.


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