On Renting Cars

The over a thousand dollars for ten a day car rental when we arrived at the Spokane WA airport for our 10 day North Idaho trip was a shocker. We rented cars in Brunswick and in Savannah for a less than a third of that. From the same company. Is it the short tourist season in the Pacific Northwest, the depressed economy here in the South, or what? Car prices here have been great. It would take me 4 years to pay for a decent car at these rates, and that assumes I rent one all the time. Like many boaters in the east, we rent cars whenever stopped at a city of any size. We use the motorbike we carry for really small towns and country areas.

We pay a drop fee that is normally much less than other airport transportation to just leave the car when we fly somewhere. No airport parking fees for us! If you visit us, depending on the circumstances, we may come and get you in our rental, or you may rent a one way and come to us.

Maybe everyone else knows this, but our first one way rental was less than a year ago, when we found that tickets to India out of Houston were much cheaper and better than what we could get out of Austin. We rented a car in Austin, dropped it in Houston airport and got on our flight. Now we find if there is a major airport within a few hundred miles we are often better off time wise and price wise to do this. The way rental prices are here I think we are always better off price wise.



One thought on “On Renting Cars

  1. Richard says:

    Hi Jack and Sue…. You have me hooked…. I enjoy reading your adventures. I would love to see lots of pics of the boat…including … bedrooms..baths… galley…deck…engine room… everything. Also enjoy reading about things that you repair… just so we get the feeling it is not all a picnic. Thank you for sharing. You have been on my mind a lot since I enjoyed time with you both. Richard


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