To Our (Land Based) Home


Passing the state part on Boca Grande as we go out the inlet

That east wind we had on the Atlantic ICW has stayed pretty constant for a long time. We had it going across Florida in the canal, but noticed it less because we traveled the same way. It blew at Boca Grande, causing our boat to rock a bit in the slip, since the marina is open to a 10 mile stretch of water to the east across the bay to the mainland.

The ICW was 50 miles up to Sarasota and had two drawbridges under repair with greatly reduced hours. One opened only at 8 AM, noon and 4 PM. The east wind has been whipping up the gulf, but not within a mile or so from the western shore, so we again ran the outside route on the open gulf up to the Big Pass Inlet at Sarasota. This is that same not so major inlet we went through when we came the other way last December. I since learned that a local Sarasota yacht club “maintains” this pass. It puts out a few markers as well as has a file I downloaded that put location indicators onto my iPad marine chart. Those indicators, some new physical red floating markers, and a 2/3 tide made getting up to Marina Jack at Sarasota easy.


A large home along Big Pass Inlet

It was a uneventful trip outside. No porpoises, very few other boats and calm water made it relaxing. Sue enjoyed looking at the homes facing the gulf until we started running into too many crab pots, which forced me to stay about a mile out.


Halfway up the inlet we can see our home. Third large building from the right. Wider and lower than the others.

Our condo is #806, about in the center of the building side to side and up and down. We’re almost completely moved in. Maybe two or three boxes remain. We have not hung pictures yet. Some bookshelves have been completed but we will build more storage into the kitchen and bedroom. We’ve steadily decreased the number of boxes needed for a move and this time it was pretty manageable. Sue’s discount and junk store shopping habits have led to us having few family heirlooms.  


Marina Jack from our balcony. Star Gazer is straight up from the black SUV going to the right, just above the trees.

Except for maybe a few local trips we’ll be here in Sarasota at our condo for the next few months. Winter is when we try to pack in all our business, medical issues and obligations.

This is the last post for awhile.


One thought on “To Our (Land Based) Home

  1. Sheri Mar Carlberg says:

    Dear Jack and Sue-

    Your home port for the winter looks so inviting and sunny! It has been following your travels. Have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy being on solid ground for a few months! J Sheri C


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